We love what we do… we think you will, too. The way we see it, technical and artistic creativity is the key. Ideas that inspire, engage and excite.

Lemonade’s team is a group of people who share the same passion for work, focusing on the delivery of full scale online and offline services. The words that keep us on the spin are “Plan – Design – Develop – Support”. We see every project as a new start for becoming better and better.

Our experience, combined with a wide variety of skills and expertise, provides solutions that cover all of your company’s needs. Always fresh and up to date, we think innovative and pursue our goals, using a dynamic and effective toolset. Creativity along with professionalism brings the best results and we love excellence in everything we do.

We believe that every customer is unique and must be treated as friend, one that can count on us! In that direction, we build strong relationships, ending in long-term collaborations. This is the way we work in-house as well; with mutual respect and all our cards open.

We’re Specialists.

Most agencies claim to be full-service, doing pretty much everything. In Lemonade we don’t claim of doing everything, but the things we do are great! With us, it is quality over quantity. Driven by excellence, we aim high in the services provided and our projects are treated with absolute professionalism. We take our job seriously!

We are a Team.

Our team is a group of experts and you work directly with them. And by experts we mean well experienced professionals, always at your side. Our strength lies in our team, which will provide the best ideas and solutions to meet your needs. We work with the best in the field, so we can offer top end services.

We Innovate.

We are young. And we just can’t help not being innovative! Fresh ideas, the ability to change and introducing new ways of thinking describes our mindset and the way we work. While specialization comes with lots of working hours, innovation works better when you “shut down” and free your mind. We love free minds!

We’re Collaborative.

We definitely live in an environment where sharing means caring and we endorse this moto. Collaboration is the key element in achieving more. Not just for now, but for the future as well. We believe that in the years to come, more “open” models of agencies will occur, based on collaboration and a strong network of high-end experts. We are already there!