The team at Lemonade is responsive, professional and knowledgeable. They have a deep understanding of social media and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the answer; consequently they apply their expertise in a successful manner. We found that they have the capacity and skills to adapt to the ever changing trends, and are always impressed with how flexible they are with regards to last minute requirements.

Jochen Niemann, Londa Hotel

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Nick Stavrides, Mortal Security Services

Lemonade Creative team did an amazing job creating my business website, following a detailing and customised design that fully expresses my professional image and standards. The result is a high quality, elegant and contemporary website that could not be created without the comfortable and friendly environment of collaboration, as well as the responsive and knowledgeable team. I definitely recommend this great group of professionals for any business seeking for excellent web design services.

Antigoni Stylianou, Style Prosthodontics

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DentalPro Clinic is proud for having Lemonade by its side!

Kyriaki Ypsilanti, Dental Pro Clinic

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That’s what Lemonade Creative is all about.

Elina Antoniou, Christos Pampakerides Lab

I have only good things to say regarding doing business with Lemonade. They show exemplary professionalism, great attention to detail and produce amazing results! Marios is very responsive to requests and is punctual with any deadline. The website they have produced for my company has surpassed my expectations massively. I would recommend Lemonade to anyone without hesitation! Thanks a lot guys!

Savvas Savva, Smart Swims Dryer

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Alexandra Kyriakou, Unic Dulap

Mario and his team designed and built our website and we were blown away! They are professional and pay attention to detail, they listen carefully and they offer sound advice. Their tech skills and creativity are top-notch. Overall a fantastic team!

Melanie Constanti, TruKeep Property Management

If you have a vision and want to expand professionally Lemonade is your choice!They provide technical support and at the same time act as your personal business consultant.

Artemis Kyriakou, Artemis Recipes

Absolutely professionals on what they do! They create amazing results. We all thank you so much!

Michalis Pelekanis, Dr. Michalis Pelekanis Veterinary Clinic

Professional work. perfect webpage, always up to date facebook page of our business! Thanks guys

Marinos Nikolaou, Animal Health Veterinary Clinic

Thank you very much for the wonderful collaboration and the professional work you are doing for us!

Demetra Theodorou, The Ballet Center

You are the best Mario!!! I Highly recommend you and your great team!

Elia Kouriefs, Jurlique Spa

Thank you Lemonade Creative for your amazing work!

Alexis Andreou & Charis Theodosiou, Suenso Spa

Would like to congratulate the “Lemonade team” for their professional assistance and making the client feel confident with their visual moves.Once again thank you guys for everything!

George Stylianou, PGA Traders & Suppliers

Best team ever!!! You really take the time to get to know your clients and give them the best possible results for their businesses. Thanks so much for all the great work these years!

Aliki Zikaki, Aliki Zikaki - Dietitian / Nutritionist