The Lemonade Story

Established by Marios Charpas & Marilena Hadjipanayi Charpa, Lemonade Creative is a digital marketing agency with a very strong background. We work with heart and spirit towards our client’s best interest, offering sound and tailor made advice for your business.

Every day we strive to find the best solution to meet your company’s particular needs. We care a lot about our work and love challenges. So if you want a partner who cares about your business like you do, Lemonade Creative is the one to choose!

Team is the Power

The love and passion of a group of people, in obtaining efficient and reliable corporate appearances, brought remarkable results. Therefore, Lemonade’s Creative Team was driven under a common dream: The redefinition of the term “Corporate Presence”!


Having worked with many companies, we’re extremely fortunate to have a great business network and consistent referrals from past work. Our team is the most valuable “experience” in the world 🙂

Mina Sottiriou

Content Writer GR, Marketing Research

Ismini Kaltsouni

Content Writer En, Translator

Fay Kougioumtzopoulou

Web Designer & Developer

Vagia Georgali

Web Designer & Developer

Fivos Lestat

Web Developer

Angeliki Laoutari

Web & Graphic Designer, Photo Editor

Elena Laoutari

Graphic Designer, Photo / Video Editor

Arben Pero

Graphic Designer, Illustrator Expert

Demetra Papademetriou

Professional Photographer

Fotini Digka

Cinematographer, Video Editing


This chair is for YOU!